Such is life. 

There is nothing more telling than silence.  The calm before a storm, quiet on a cool summer night, the moment right before you have to wake up… In all these moments, it’s easy to predict that something more is on the way.  

I am a hard core planner and perfectionist.  From meetings to social outings, even workouts and to do items, if it’s not in my calendar, it’s probably never happening! My OCD tends to kick in at the most inconvenient moments. The funny thing about having a calendar or making things look perfect is that it never always plays out exactly how you anticipate.  You freak out for a bit, maybe have a bit of a panic attack because you really couldn’t miss that doctor’s appointment, but inevitably, everything always works out.  

Life is very much the same way.  You can plan and prepare for the week and it looks like smooth sailing (the calm before the storm), then in an instant, an emergency comes up.  You flail a little, you make it work, and you pull through.  What I’ve learned is that sometimes it’s better to loosen up the reigns because life isn’t perfect.  Sometimes it’s better to live in the moment rather than planning out your next moment from within that moment.  No matter what else is going on around you, live in that moment for you. 



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