First look: the new Facebook timeline

Following these directions from Mashable  I enabled my developer preview for Timeline.  Here’s a quick look at what you get when you first get the timeline:

Click to enlarge.

First up, the cover.  This image should be something that you’ve already uploaded into Facebook.  This image can be changed as little or as often as you like.  It should represent you.

Next, the update info & view activity toolbar, is another feature that is for your eyes only.  Use this to change the privacy settings on your posts and more.

Finally, each post has some hidden options that pop up when you mouse over the right corner.  You’ll see a star and a pencil.  Use the star to mark something as a top or favorite post.  Use the pencil to hide or delete the post.

If you opt to try this feature out early, really take your time and explore before making anything public.  There are so many features to check out, and plenty more that are will be rolled up with the public launch next week (like integration with Spotify, Hulu, and Netflix).

10 thoughts on “First look: the new Facebook timeline

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